viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

"With the marriage of Simon and Sergio, Argentina started exporting equality to everyone"

On Friday March 23 at 11 pm. in the city of Rosario (Santa Fe - Argentina) a Paraguayan couple held the first Equal Marriage among tourists. The province of Santa Fe guarantees, through a resolution FALGBT and managed by the VOX AC, marriage to all couples wishing to celebrate with simple requirements
Argentina Federation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender reports that on Friday March 23 at 11 pm. City Center City Center City of Rosario (Wheelwright and Paraguay) Equal Marriage held the first of a pair of tourists, which opens the door to thousands of couples around the world to access the same rights as straight across the country.

The link will be possible under a resolution of the Provincial Directorate of Civil Registry that ended a long controversy about the requirements around the home that couples wishing to marry must complete.

>From that decision with a simple process and stay within reasonable in the province (at least 96 hours.) Any two of the world (equal or straight) can marry according to the law.

The first link will unite in marriage two Paraguayan activists, Simon Cazal and Sergio Lopez, who will as witnesses to the Municipal Intendant of Rosario Fein and Rep. Monica national (MC) author of the Equal Marriage Act, Silvia Augsburger.

In this respect, Esteban Paulon, President of the FALGBT said "we are happy and proud that Simon and Sergio can get married in our country and with a simple procedure. With this export as Argentina begins to equality and that of the 10 countries that enable Marriage equal in the world, only Argentina will guarantee to all inhabitants of the planet. "

He also added "at a time when the world debates equal rights for LGBT Rosario a fundamental step in ensuring that effective equality, allowing all couples wishing to marry in the world, can do in our country. This possibility merely collect and ensure the rights enshrined in our Constitution is open to everyone in the world. "

To read the instructions for the realization of egalitarian marriages tourists are requested to click here

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