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French residents in Argentina and the FALGBT say “OUI” to Marriage Equality in France

The Argentinean LGBT Federation (FALGBT) summon this Sunday 27th January at 2pm to Plaza Francia to express support, together with French residents in Argentina, to Marriage Equality in France, which endorsed by French government should pass the Parliament this year. The event will take place simultaneously to the main demonstration in Paris and other cities in France and along the world.

The FALGBT, together with French citizens resident in Argentina will organize this Sunday to Plaza Francia, in the City of Buenos Aires, to express support —at the same time that the main event will take place in France and other cities— to Marriage Equality Bill in that country, which will be discussed in the Parliament through the next months.
The event is organized as a picnic with other cultural activities and requests also the presence of Argentineans and other residents in Buenos Aires, with their flags and their slogans.
The invitation is set for this Sunday, starting at 2pm, in Plaza Francia, Buenos Aires, and people is suggested to confirm their assistance and spread the information through this Facebook link (http://www.facebook.com/events/414408948639571). Some other cities will be joining this global event.
In this regard, Esteban Paulón, President of the FALGBT, expressed that “from FALGBT we are inviting people actively to participate and we will be present at this event. We understand that the message we can give from our country, where full equality benefitted thousands of couples and the society altogether, without affecting nobody’s rights, is an excellent argument of why should this bill pass the French Parliament.”
On his behalf, Alejandro Nasif Salum, Secretary for International Relations of the FALGBT, added: “We are calling French and Argentinean citizens and everybody else to support the French nation, because every step forward in LGBT rights in the world reaffirms the ones already achieved and inspires other nations to do move in the same direction. That is why from FALGBT we have been always concerned with human rights all over the world and, for instance, we supported marriage for tourists in our country.”
Finally, Paulon declared: “Equality along the world is a matter of time. And in the country of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity it cannot wait any longer. Today we smile when we remember that on 14th July 2010, in another anniversary of French Revolution, the historic Senate session that passed Marriage Equality bill in Argentina was starting. We hope that same spirit inspire the French Parliament so equality will soon be a reality for all the couples in that nation.”

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